Monday, August 16, 2010

Climate Change

Dear Heather,
I have been thinking a lot lately about Global Warming and its possible repercussions. If you remember correctly, Al Gore said that we have 50 years before all the ice on Greenland melts, NYC goes under, and we go into a big, bad heat wave that makes our current weather here in Dallas feel like springtime in Palinville (Alaska). Another expert, James Lovelock says forget it. We have already passed the tipping point and sometime in the very near future we are going to experience the BIG HEAT, which will kill off all but a half-billion people. So Gore thinks we can do something now about global warming and Lovelock thinks it is all over but the crying. I was wondering to which theory you subscribe?
Damned in Dallas

Dear Damned in Dallas,
Two things: you are not alone in your concern about climate change. There are many among you who are also concerned. Just yesterday the power company in my neighborhood cut down hundreds of trees, necessary for the O2/CO2 transfer that makes life sustainable. Every day human decisions propelled by profits destroy nature's processes. This is particularly true in poorer neighborhoods where corporations take greater license with public space. Second, the prognosis from either theorist is not good.

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