Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transitional Issues

Dear Heather,
I moved to a new country and love everything so far, except I am really struggling with a few things. First, I miss Texas so much that sometimes I am walking down the street and chanting, "Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas." Should I be concerned about this behavior? My other problem is that there is so much to do here that I am overwhelmed. Is this a normal feeling or a sign that I am having too much fun?
Toronto, Canada

Dear Anonymous,
Often when one moves to another country they have thoughts and memories of their previous home state or country. The chanting could be your subconscious simply saying, "remember all the margaritas we had together?" As for all the new opportunities, I always recommend people make lists. For many problems, a step-by-step list can help prioritize. Create a list of all the fun things to do in Toronto, then number them based on their desirability. This should fix the problem.

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