Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iced Coffee

Dear Heather,
What is the best way to finagle reading great novels, having long chats, drinking a good deal of iced coffee, and sleeping as much as possible, not to mention getting in a little vacuuming, when one simply has too much other stuff to do?
Wondering in NYC

Dear Wondering,
I have been concerned with this myself. The summer months provide much time for leisure activities, but sometimes it is hard to balance fun with duty. Duty comes much too often and so one must carve out time for iced coffee, for sleeping, and for friends. Get out your day planner and schedule in fun plans but leave out ones that are dull. Simply pull out your calender each morning and follow the schedule for fun that you've laid out for yourself. This should take care of the problem.

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Amy said...

Where would we be without Ask Heather? Thank you, Heather, for the brilliant advice. I've already scheduled in my next iced coffee.