Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Personal Space

Dear Heather,
I was recently out dancing at the club and my partner was getting pretty close. I was wondering, when do you cross the line when you're dancing? How much personal space do you need and how much can you expect from others?
Oak Lawn

Dear Charleze,
Well, you've really opened up a big issue that many face. The lines between one person's body and another's become quite unclear when bodies are thumping late at night on the dance floor. I think the best way to approach the situation is to use what I call an "Unwanted Advance Indicator Test." When your partner's body touches you in an unprovoked, uncomfortable way, that constitutes an "Unwanted Advance." In this case, subtly back away from the perpetrator, but keep grooving to the music. They will never suspect a thing and you'll still be keeping the beat.
Best of luck,

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