Monday, October 1, 2012


Dear Heather,
I have 48 cents left on my (e-purchase only) Visa gift card. I’d like to put this amount toward my purchase of “The Incredible Melting Man” Blue-ray on Amazon, but they do not accommodate more than one credit card per purchase. I am not a millionaire and would like to be able to use every cent from my gift card-and ideally would like to use it to help pay for this amazing new DVD release. How do you think I should move forward on this?
Dallas, TX

Dear Bradley, 
I hope I am not too late in responding to this important, time-sensitive issue. Let’s be honest—having a gift card is a good position to be in. That’s because you have choices. Quick question-will they accept a debit card in addition to the gift card, or does the rule apply to all plastic? If so, I would recommend using your debit card in tandem with the gift card to secure your copy of “The Incredible Melting Man.” If this is not possible, you could also consider getting a less expensive DVD that costs 48 cents or less.
Best of luck with your online shopping,

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