Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yoga & Tornadoes

Dear Heather,
There is a tornado watch in my area. Do you think I should let it interfere with my yoga practice?
Mousy Kincaid,
White Rock USA

Dear Mousy,
I feel that being in a yoga pose could shelter you from the storm. Try lotus, corpse, or even upward dog--reaching up to the sky, where you can be protected in your own enlightened state of being-ness.
With love,


Lisa Huffaker said...

Dear Heather:
I fear that this advice could cost lives.
A Concerned Dallasite

Heather said...

Lisa, I am following up on your comment and would like to say thank you for your concern about the lives of others. I would never advise individuals to enjoy hazardous activities and assure you all of my advice is tried and proven. Sincerely, Dr. Heather