Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Lock Of Hair, Perhaps

Dear Heather,
I am a teacher by trade. Today a student wrote me to notify me of her absence from class. She said there was a death in the family and would be happy to provide proof of the death, if necessary. Should I ask her for evidence?

Dear Michelle,
Yes, I definitely would require proof. You never know who is lying these days. Asking for a lock of hair or a picture of the corpse would not be too much to ask.


REZESKI said...

I think a lock of hair is over the top. (I too am a professor.) A photograph of the deceased taken with a camera phone is more than sufficient. That said, if when they present you with the photo of their loved one... if they aren't shaky or teary-eyed then this is all BS. Count them absent. Unexecused.

Heather Wood said...

Good advice, Rez. I will utilize this information the next time this excuse is used in class. Happy America Day weekend. :)