Sunday, November 7, 2010

Circular Driveway Etiquette

Dear Heather,
Is it rude to use someone's circular driveway to turn around?
Wondering in the USA

Dear Wondering in the USA,
Yes. If you are lost, it is perfectly ok to use someone's driveway. However, you must pay attention to a few rules drawn up by the AskHeather staff. Number one, never stop mid-way through the driveway so the homeowners can see you. This will make you feel awkward and they could see you trespassing. Avoiding criminal recourse is very much desired in the driveway and in life, in general. Also, take heed not to run over anything. This includes shrubs, pets, or small children.
Best of luck,


cheri said...

Hey Obiwan Heather...
So is it ok to take a circular driveway in reverse gear, going.. say... 25-30 MPH? You know, it's always so difficult to tell, my speedometer won't give feedback in reverse!
Looking to back up (really) fast in Chico

Heather Wood said...

This can be tricky and should be exercised with extreme caution. I would definitely recommend wearing a helmet!