Sunday, November 7, 2010

Charlie Sheen

Dear Heather,
I'm disturbed by all the recent media attention surrounding Hollywood's stars. These people have it all: attention, fame, and money. So what's the problem? Why do they continue with these destructive behaviors? Let's take Charlie Sheen for example. He was married to a supermodel, has beautiful children, and is the highest paid actor on television. So why do you suppose he needs to get hammered, trash his hotel room, get completely naked, and throw furniture at a prostitute? Do you think he's just angry that someone keeps stealing his cars and driving them off the cliffs near his house in California?
Disturbed in Dallas

Dear Disturbed,
Charlie Sheen's personal life is of concern to many individuals. He seems to have numerous encounters with the law, with drugs, and with prostitutes. I have asked everyone on the AskHeather staff and they cannot understand why Mr. Sheen might throw furniture at an individual he hoped to become intimate with. The truth is, throwing large objects at a special someone only drives them away.

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