Saturday, August 28, 2010

Collecting Habits

Dear Heather,
My girlfriend is upset because on weekends and some evenings I will spend several hours on eBay bidding on vintage Micronauts toys to complete my collection. I enjoy spending time with her and will sometimes even suggest outings like a trip to the zoo or a meal at Quiznos. But she's still not cool with me spending some of my free time "collecting" online. Is this relationship doomed or is there a way to get her off my back?
Call me Acroyear,

Dear Call Me,
I don't feel that your relationship is in any serious trouble, but you may want to take your special someone out for something more elegant than Quizno's. This is just a thought. Cold cuts and sandwiches aren't as romantic to some as they are to others. A restaurant that serves cooked food could really spice up the night for you and your girlfriend.

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