Friday, September 11, 2009

Power Tools at Inconvenient Times

Dear Heather,
My neighbor operates his power lawn tools at 9 pm on weeknights. Is there a subtle way to bring this wrongdoing to his attention, or am I going to have to pull a "John Cusack" and hold a boombox up real high while Peter Gabriel blasts from the speakers? Also, where does one find a "boombox" in 2009?
Alison, Lake Highlands

Dear Alison,
I think the John Cusack technique could be very effective. Some people respond better to direct cues such as this. I can recommend a pawn shop on Lower Greenville where you might come across the perfect boombox for your needs. It's called EZ Pawn. EZ Pawn has many "previously owned" items of interest at bargain basement prices. Some of these products include stereos originally for sale at real stores in the 1980s. Thanks for writing and let me know how the situation turns out.

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