Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fortune Cookie

Dear Heather,
My fortune cookie today said "You long to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt." How is that a fortune? Aren't fortune cookies supposed to say things like "You will soon find wisdom and everlasting love..." Who writes these things anyways?

Looking for everlasting peace, or at minimum, another fortune cookie, in DC

Dear Looking,
I really think you deserve another fortune. That's not a fortune at all, but a projection of your wants and desires. I don't even think you care much about going to the pyramids. Perhaps Mexico or another exotic location south of the border would be of interest to you. Either way, the fortune inside a fortune cookie is meant to foreshadow some type of philosophical or amorous turn of events at the end of a delicious meal, of say, sweet and sour pork or kung pao chicken. I truly hope that you find another fortune that provides this information to you.


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