Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bush Rebate

Dear Heather,
I've been waiting for my rebate for a few weeks and it still hasn't come. I heard that President Bush will be sending everyone quite a bit of money as part of the economic stimulus plan of 2008. I have so many questions about this money. First of all, how much will I be getting? Second, what do you think I should spend it on, and third, do you think that me just going out and spending it will really revive the American economy?


Dear Bob,
First off, you share a curiosity that many other Americans feel. How is it that giving each person in America $600 rebate checks to go shopping from money already paid to the federal government in the form of taxes, will help the economy when we're already experiencing a huge debt? Bob, many people with even half a brain are asking this question. We know that the President isn't working with as many light bulbs in his circuit as others, so we necessarily have to question this strange plan.

To address your second question, what should you do with your money--that depends. What do you need most...a new topiary for the lawn? ...leopard print pillow cases? some scented cardboard pine leaves for your rear view mirror? Every American has to make this choice on their own Bob. I can't decide this for you. This is one area where democracy really comes into play. Exercising your personal choice when it comes to shopping is the ultimate act of a US Citizen. I know President Bush is counting on us to spend our rebate checks quickly, so use yours the best way you know how.


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