Thursday, February 7, 2008

President Clinton

Dear Heather,
I was wondering, if Hillary wins The White House, what will they call Bill? First Man, First Man-Servant, what...? Also, since he was a president himself and former presidents are always called "President" for as long as they live, will there be two President Clintons?
Just wondering in Fort Worth,

Dear John,
This is an excellent question that not many pundits, let alone mere citizens, have considered. It could present a major issue of contention on Inauguration Day. When they ask President Clinton to take the oath of office, will both Hillary and Bill race to put their hands on the Bible? Will they simultaneously answer "I do" to the questions in the Presidential Oath? This will be majorly confusing for everyone involved. I'm predicting a firestorm.
Sincerely worried,

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