Sunday, October 5, 2014

Turbulence at 30K Feet

Dear Heather,
I have a question for you. When you are on board an aircraft that is experiencing severe turbulence, how do you typically respond? For example, do you offer your seat-mate a knowing glance, a terrified stare, or a clutch of their hand on the armrest? It seems many in these situations pretend that they are not afraid for their lives, swallowing their true fear and emotions.
New Orleans

Every person will respond in their own way to what is often times interpreted as the potential final moments of one's life. Even though it is well-known that few people have died from turbulence, when in the midst of a 100 foot drop at 20 or 30 thousand feet, this is not any solace to the average human being. I have quite honestly done all of the above, from reaching for my seat-mate who is a total stranger to making a joke or even directly acknowledging the abrupt fluctuations of the aircraft. It really depends on the moment.
All the best,

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