Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Todd Bridges

Dear Heather,
Today I saw an ad on television for a new college called ICTC. Their spokesman was Todd Bridges and he was recommending to me the program in drug and alcohol counseling. Do you think I should apply?
Shepard Park

Dear Linda,
I'm not sure I would take career advice from Todd. I know everyone can change, but he has been arrested a number of times for selling drugs. In my mind, this damages his reputation as an academic or career advisor. Sorry if you had your hopes up.

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Mike pete said...

im very upset how you can put down a person who has change his life to help people you need to look at you why you need to insult someone Life is not about how you get there its about what you can do for others, This man how shown us that he can turn his around for the better for all learn from him just becasue its free speach does not mean you should kick someone I hope how would you like it if we talked about your size looks like you are fighting the food monster would that be nice if he blog about your size or maybe the way you look, so please next time before you just blog about a kind person think about it, Todd Bridges has help my son to get his life back your blog has really ofended me, I hope you feel good about you