Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pasta Question

Dear Heather,
I was recently making pasta for dinner. A friend told me if I throw it against the wall during cooking, I can tell if it's al dente. My question is: how much should a I throw--one noodle, a few noodles, or a whole handful?
Italian Chef,

Dear Italian Chef,
That's a great question. It only takes a few noodles to know whether the pasta is done. Just take one or two out of the boiling pot. Be careful when doing so not to burn the hand. You might want to wait a moment while the noodles cool down. When the noodles stop steaming, grab them and throw them against the wall using a normal amount of force, say the same intensity you might use throwing a baseball. If they stick, then they're done. Serve and enjoy!
Thank you for this important question,

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