Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Capitalism and The Man

Dear Heather,
In the history of the world, capitalism has done some good things for some people, but it has wreaked havoc in the lives of others. How can we coordinate a peaceful rebellion, overthrow The Man, and create a more just and equal society?
Camille Paglia,

What a great question! I have been addressing this very problem for five years in my dissertation. Overthrowing The Man is quite a task as he pillages the earth with destructive economic principles based on greed, materialism, fear, and consumption. Just a few months ago a large corporation filled a good portion of the ocean with oil. As an individual citizen, it is really difficult to combat these types of grand errors. Honestly, it's enough to send one into a tailspin of powerlessness. Camille, you must come to Dallas to discuss these issues with the askheather staff. We have so much work to do.
Dr. Heather for a Better World

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