Saturday, November 1, 2014

Unwanted Advances

Dear Heather,
I have had a run of bad luck recently, including divorce, a car wreck and my contractor sticking his unrequested tongue down my throat. As someone who tries to look for the meaning in things, I there ever a case for just being negative, and not looking for the lesson? Am I required to try to be a good person at all times or can there be dispensation?
Not Feeling New Age
Dallas, TX

Dear Not Feeling New Age,
Given this string of circumstances, I would say you have every right to feel negative. The situation with the tongue really takes the cake. I have discussed this with the AskHeather staff and one thing we decided unanimously is that women must always be prepared to guard against unwanted physical advances. They can come at the most surprising times. Unfortunately, often times the perpetrators don't take no for an answer, which is why we recommend the AskHeather self-defense course.

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