Sunday, May 11, 2008

HIV Card

Dear Heather,
I just got out of a 12-year relationship and am re-entering the dating scene. A lot has happened in terms of STDS since I was single. Do I need to ask someone for an HIV card before I sleep with them?

Dear Dawn,
Asking for an HIV card, though it's a complete buzz-kill for spontaneous exciting sex, can be an important way to protect yourself as you re-enter the challenging world of 21st century dating. You can also build trust with your new partner by requesting the results of their HIV test, and this signals that you truly care about yourself and the other person. Let's face it, Dawn, our world is not germ-free. There are lots of harmful microbial particles in the world that you certainly don't want in your body. Take West Nile Virus, for example. This is transmitted by mosquitoes and you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. Simply wearing a bug repellent can be an easy way to avoid disease. It's the same way with the HIV card.

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