Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hiking in Iran

Dear Heather,
I turned on the TV this morning to learn that the American hikers in Iran had been freed. Myself, I am also considering a hiking trip. Would you suggest Iran as a hiking destination or would you propose another area for me and my fiance to visit?
Sincere outdoor lover,

Dear William,
I, too, enjoy the outdoors. I would recommend sites outside of the Middle East for your hiking vacation, however. Certainly hiking on the border of Iran and Afghanistan would not be encouraged by our staff here at AskHeather. Why not try Colorado or Vermont? The fall colors are simply brilliant there this time of year.


Jessica said...

and take a MAP!

Heather Wood said...

Good advice, Jessica. A map certainly never hurts on an unscripted tour of wilderness terrain, whether it is the Middle East or on the North American continent.